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Операторы на производстве салатов в Бельгию

Для граждан Украины. От 1600 до 2000 евро чистыми + бонусы и отпускные. Долгосрочный контракт. Знание английского и 2 года опыт работы на пищевом конвейере\производстве. Бесплатная вакансия
Our customer is specialized in the production and packaging of Mediterranean salads and tapanades (olives, feta cheese, peppers, etc.).
We need experienced operators who are able to operate the whole production line (+-25 metres).
The production line consist of portioning machines (putting the olives/salads into plastic cups), sealing machines (topsealing the cups), labeling machines (putting different labels on the topseal), metaldetectors, etc.
An operator must be able to instruct 2 others coworkers that are responsible for filling the cups and pelleting the finished products.
Salary: 15-16€ gross/hour
Bonuses: Shift bonus 0.50€ gross/hour, Meal vouchers 6€/worked day
Requirements: minimum 2 years of experience as an operator, good English, good motivation and ability to learn fast
Working on high speed
Add the cups & lids
Checking trays
 Stacking trays on pallet
 Storing full pallet in buffer zone
Production line processes
Pick up of the product, elevator lift, Decomposition of the cups, Dosage pump, Gassing, Sealing machine, Putting on lids, Checkweigher & metal detection, Label ing, packaging robot cell, taking off trays
What else can he/she do?
Change of product, Rebuild of machine, Cleaning of the line
Here below is a summary of some practical information:
1. All performances are based on contracts, prepared in accordance to our Belgian federal law.
2. All salaries are transferred on a Belgian/foreign bank account on a weekly basis.
3. The employer provides decent accommodation in accordance with Western-European standards. This results in well-equipped apartments with 2 or 3 bedrooms. Every apartment has its own living room, bathroom and kitchen. A washing machine, refrigerator and basic furniture are included. For the accommodation we ask our employees a basic rent of 70€/week. For a democratic price of 5 euro/month we provide internet for each employee.
4. As a temporary employee working under Belgian federal law, one also will enjoy all official holidays, which are payed at a full rate.
5. Besides official holidays, one also will receive vacation money from the moment that one has worked a whole year. This will be paid by a Belgian institution around june or july the following year.
6. The employer provides an overall and safety shoes for all her temporary employees. Other personal safety articles, like gloves, glasses, eargloves, masks, etc. will be distributed by our client if necessary.
7. As employer is interested in a long-term cooperation between its clients and its temporary employees, the company also assist its workers in integrating in the Belgian society. This means they will provide all information concerning schools and institutions where you can learn Dutch.
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